Symptoms Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Symptoms Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. Fatigue

superfluity of things will cause you to feel extraordinarily tired, and fatigue happens to be one in all the primary early signs of rheumatism. Chronic inflammation in joints results in a lack of energy, creating you’re feeling a lot of tired than ever.

2.Weight Loss

The fatigue brought on by RA, which may typically begin long before alternative symptoms even become apparent, cause poor craving and weight loss.

3.Stiffness Of Joints

When the tissue around the joint is inflamed, it results in stiffness. not like degenerative arthritis whereby it’s common to get up with joint stiffness however it doesn’t last terribly long, stiffness related to atrophic arthritis will last for many hours. you will notice that your joints feel significantly stiff early within the morning once hours of rest or post prolonged periods spent within the same position, like sitting at your table.

4.Joint Tenderness

The inflammation within the membrane irritates the nerves close to the joint, inflicting tenderness. Throughout the early stages, a sense of discomfort is felt within the space around the joint once external pressure is applied.


Rheumatoid arthritis may be a disease that causes swelling within the joint that is a result of (1) thickening of the tissue (synovium) similarly as (2) fluid build-up within the space. This swelling irritates the nerves within the joint capsule, triggering pain.

6.Pain within the joints

As the condition progresses, joint stiffness and swelling result in joint pain. Since the joint is inflamed, gristle is bitten by bit destroyed, inflicting narrowing of the joint area and therefore the ultimate injury to a bone, all of that cause pain. The joint might hurt whereas in motion, similarly as throughout rest. Fingers and wrists area unit common sites for pain in early RA

7.Joint Redness

Pain within the joint causes redness in the skin around the joint. As capillaries within the skin encompassing the inflammation dilate from the pressure created by swelling, the area appears red

8.Reduced vary Of Motion

The chronic inflammation caused by arthritis hinders the conventional pattern of movement within the joint. With the progression of the disease, the cartilage wears down and pain intensifies, inflicting loss within the vary of motion. you will realize that it’s more durable to bend your knees whereas climbing stairs or to bend your fingers to make a correct grip.



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